Pebble Smartwatch Shipping Starts Today


Pebble Shipping

Pebble Smartwatch shipping started today as company said at CES 2013. Pebble at CES 013 announced that smartwatch has entered mass production and will be available from January 23d. Now its shipping to first 500 users who initially backed the project on Kickstarter.

Earlier, Pebble was born out of a Kickstarter project that raised more than $10 million. In April last year, the company mentioned it would target shipping for September 2012. But due to some hickups in production due to heavy orders company failed ship the watches last fall. Finally day has arrived and it started shipping to bakers first (total 69,000). As told above today only batch of 500 watched will ship to project backers only with  “some kinks and issues that we need to work out.”

Pebble is mass-producing 800-1,000 smart watches each day and they should increase their production capacity up to 2400 units a day in the near future. Currently their are total 85,000+ pre-orders so they need to increase production really soon.

For controlling watch, Pebble is going to launch their app in Google Play Store tomorrow. While iOS App is having some problems with its approval from Apple.

Guys if you have pre ordered the pebble smartwatch and also received confirmation mail than you can track your shipment by heading to official site over here.

Anyone from here who receiving Pebble?


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