Agawi Game Streaming Platform Live For Android Devices


Ready to play Cloud Based games on your Android Devices? Yes now you can play Cloud Based and we can even say PC games on Android Devices. Agawi, a cloud gaming service has tied up with the Indie Games Developers. After pakcing a deal with, Agawi has now enabled its game streaming platform on Android devices.

agawi game streaming

Actually whole thing here is Cloud based and is even dubbed as Cloud Play. It allows PC game developers to port their games to other platforms. After addition of game on Agawi’s server, they will be streamed as video to the player’s device. Agawi has tied up with various indie PC game developers, as well as Nvidia, Teotl,Daedalic (Deponia), NinjaBee (A Kingdom for Kelflings), Neko Entertainment (Puddle), Or1go Games (A.R.E.S:Extinction Agenda)and Marvell, to bring 15 titles to the platform.

Sjoerd De Jong from Teotl Studios said, “When Unmechanical came out last year, we were amazed by all the positive feedback the game received from critics and fans, We’re excited to utilize the Agawi platform to bring Unmechanical to the Android tablet market in a fast and efficient way.”

Games on the Agawi Game Streaming Platform will be available as three-day or five-day rentals. Agawi has already brought thousands of social web games to tablets via its cloud platform for the iPad and Windows 8.



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