AirDroid 2 Beta Arrives; Remote Camera Access And Much More


AirDroid 2 beta

AirDroid 2 Beta has finally arrived for general public. AirDroid is n Android App which manages your phone from any web Browser. You can access phone’s files, documents, photos, music, ringtones, text messages, call logs, Camera and more, wirelessly from your desktop.

Except these changes developers have even made AirDroid 2 Beta less time consuming and more convenient. They have added several improvements over the old version by which you no longer need to input a code to verify your online connection. There’s also the new option to remotely control the camera on your device.

So without having same connection you can control your device seamlessly. You can use it via any other network like 3G/4G/ or any. To check out this new version of AirDroid Click the source link below.

Source: AirDroid 2 Beta Download



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