Alleged Huawei patent and render expose Moto razr-like foldable phone


Motorola recently resurrected the iconic Moto RAZR clamshell phone in the form a modern foldable Android smartphone. The phone does not come with beefier specs but its hinge design is better than any foldable we have seen so far. And now, according to a new alleged patent and render leak, Huawei might also release a new foldable by implementing the same design.

Huawei already has a foldable smartphone as Mate X and the device just went on sale for the very first time in China. Due to some unknown technical issues, the phone was delayed for months and it was also affected by the criticisms faced by Samsung Galaxy Fold. Then came, Moto razr winning everyone’s heart, thanks to nostalgia as well as a foldable screen without any crease(finally). Additionally, the razr is not marketed as fragile like Galaxy Fold for the matter and the company claims users can use it as a normal smartphone without any hiccups.

As per the patent and render above, the new Huawei foldable looks awkward in the first place. And that’s because it does not feature a secondary display like a clamshell phone. This is what makes us sceptical towards this leak as this design clearly does not achieve anything other than making it small when folded. Anyways, it is much appreciated if Huawei implements a clamshell design in the future as the current Mate X unfolds into a tablet. More the number of options, the better it is for customers as well as the company.


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