New purported Meizu 17th render reveals smallest punch-hole till date


Meizu is one of the most underrated smartphone manufacturers especially in terms of design.  Since its inception, the company have produced smartphones with unique designs making them stand alone in the crowd of phones with similar looks. To make things more interesting, the brand seems to be releasing the upcoming Meizu 17th with the smallest punch-hole till date as per the new purported render.

Meziu 17th Purported Render Smallest Punch Hole

The above purported Meizu 17th render was recently spotted on Weibo showcasing a ground-breaking display design. As you can see from the render, it does not feature waterfall display like most new phones these days but instead, it improves the already existing punch-hole design by making it smaller. Most interestingly, it is placed in such a way that it conceals itself among UI elements in the status bar.

Apart from the smallest punch-hole, the  of the overall displayphone is also impressive as the bezels around are thinner as well as uniform. At the back, the render features a vertical triple-camera array at the centre with the Meizu-style ring flash below it. Since the fingerprint sensor resides below the display according to the scanner UI, the back of the phone is clean aside from cameras, flash, and branding.

Whatsoever, we highly recommend you to take this leak with a pinch of salt until we get more confirmations.


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