Alleged Nokia 9 with five rear cameras leaks in a photo


It seems Nokia is playing a lot with the Nokia 9 camera that’s why the leaks and rumors are purely hinting towards some unrealistic camera setups. Even, couple of days ago , renders reveals five rear camera setup on teh device. Today, the same camera setup has been leaked via another source. It looks like Nokia is cooking something very special in its kitchen.

nokia 9 five crear camera

We already know, Nokia’s high image quality during the Java phone days. Later during the windows phone, Nokia did pretty well with the cameras. Now, they seem to be doing something extraordinary by introducing five rear cameras on a Android based smartphone. If we look at the alleged Nokia 9 photo, then it is pretty sure that the device is build using metal. On the back, Nokia seems to have incorporated five camera shooters with a LED flash.

As per the source, this could be e photoshopped image. But if we go with the words of more reliable source, Hikari Calyx, then it is a real thing.

Additionally, it is expected to carry in screen fingerprint sensor¬†with any headphone jack. Also, it is reported that Nokia’s upcoming flagship could come with Bezel-less (Edge-to-Edge) display.

Currently, there’s no information regarding when it will make debut and its expected price. It seems to come with Snapdragon 855 on board with a launch due couple of months ahead.


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