Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3 testers find cell reception problems while exiting dead zones

Android 13 QPR1 has been in the Beta Phase for more than two months, and now three repetitive processes and testers have faced a problem. An initial report has been shared with Google’s Issue Tracker on October 27, the tester said that they routinely park in an underground garage where call signals can’t reach. Whereas, after they emerge above ground, they find that their device Pixel 7 which is on QPR1 Beta 3 doesn’t reconnect to their Verizon service till they enable and disable the Airplane Mode. More new reports have been stated from other users spanning across devices and countries are mentioned.

android 13 qpr1 beta 3

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Some users have said that their device is somehow catching the signal anytime between two and 30 minutes. While for some users, enabling and disabling the Airplane Mode method is not fixing the problem of the device.

The Pixel users (including the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 6) have reported that they are having a more long-term problem than other users, those who go or went through poor coverage zones and end up in a parking lot. The case has been registered for investigation. However, Google has not provided an update since the crucial reports have been submitted by users as an enhanced bug report with verbose vendor logs.

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Android 13 QPR1 is going to be the primary focus for the big Pixel Feature Drop on December 5 2022. However, Google will be reporting the resolution of the issue soon.

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