Android 4.2 Transformation Pack For Galaxy Nexus


android 4.2 transformation pack

Currently Android 4.2 is not coming onto Galaxy Nexus Devices but now Galaxy Nexus users can transform their device to taste  Android 4.2 luxuries. Recently XDA  member Tommrazek01 has put something together called the Android 4.2 Transformation Pack.

Yesterday Android 4.2 GAPPs pack was also released for usage on Android 4.1 devices. The Transformation Pack provides the following upgrades and functions to all Galaxy Nexus devices (regardless of the ROM installed):

  • Camera with PhotoSphere
  • Gallery
  • Stopwatch/Clock
  • Nexus 4 Sounds
  • App Install (Phonesky.apk)
  • Launcher With Wallpapers
  • Gmail
  • Google Ears
  • Nexus 4 Lockscreen
  • Android 4.2 Google Now and Play store

Even though not listed in the changelog, the new keyboard with swype gestures is also included in the pack. It’s hard to not get excited after browsing that list of goodies, but before getting carried away try to remember that flashing this mod comes with all the usual risks.

Head over to source for instructions.

Source: XDA developers via Android Authority

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