Android 4.4 KitKat Gets Leaked in Pictures


After Google officially stated that the next Android would be indeed android 4.4, there has been quite a wild rush in the world of Android. With numerous leaks for the KitKat, we have earlier seen photos depicting a prototype of Kitkat. Most photos bared status bar with a different battery bar, which wasn’t seen at all!

android kitkat

Following this tradition, we have got another picture depicting the same battery bar which we saw in the previous leaks.  This new leak comes from who have gotten their hands on some screenshots and log files. This picture may be fake as well as too. Because, we might see some introvert posting a Photoshopped picture of app.

You can see the change in battery bar, in the picture above. You can say you can see the new gray colored icons in the status bar, which we’ve seen in previous leaks. We hope this might be true and we will indeed won’t see any hollowfied battery bar anymore.

android kitkat

If you will notice the top left-end corner of status bar, you will see an Key Lime Pie symbol as debugging icon, which might show that the picture is quite genuine.

As it is rumored of that we will get hands on KLP by Mid-October, we will see some more leaks in the near future too!

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