Android And Windows To Introduce “kill switch” Feature


Its going to reduce mobile thefts in real. As according to a logic that if a stolen handset cannot be turned on, it will have no resale value and therefore, it would not be an enticing target for a thief.


In order make the above logic possible companies and operating system manufacturers are going to introduce a new feature  called “kill switch”.  It will allows you to reinstate the device through valid id or valid customer. But it will need sharp functionality so that original user can only reinstate.

For now Google is already offering Android Device Manager for locating and wiping out data. Only thing it left is reinstating device after getting locked out. So we hope this will be the feature  which will help to reduce mobile thefts as this type of feature is doing for iPhones.

As according to an agency robberies were noted to have dropped by 19 percent in New York in the first five months of this year and down 38 percent in San Francisco and 24 percent in London.

Today Microsoft also announced “kill switch” feature in upcoming Windows 8.1.

So what you think guys? It is going to work? Share your views via comments below.


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