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Smartphone is now becoming the necessity for many as it serves multiple purposes at one time. It keeps people to get connected through internet not just for social interaction but for business purposes too. It enables people to take high quality pictures and videos and share it instantly with the world, allows you to use navigation option to find the desired destination on a go, to stream movies online or make a live video chat. In addition to all these, smartphones are getting much more useful with time as smartphone manufacturers keep on improving the operating system every year to make this happen. Acceptable Mobile prices in Pakistan are allowing the urban community to get a handsome model at an affordable price. Similar is the trend with mobile prices in India and therefore, the demand of smartphones in both of the Asian countries is gaining momentum.

android vs iOS7

Selecting the best smartphone out of so many available options is a hefty task. The competition is too high in terms of smartphone designs, operating system and overall performance. At the present moment, the two giants that are gaining immense popularity in Pakistan and India are Android based phones and iPhone based on iOS operating system. There is no denial in the fact that iPhone has a loyal fan base and so does android. With the announcement of the iOS 7 operating system for the iPhone smartphones, the users of iPhone are feeling much satisfied with the overall shift in the look of the iOS but there is a major question, if it can work better than the android Jelly Bean 4.3 OS or not. To understand more, read on for the features comparison:


iOS 7 is termed as the biggest change Apple has made to its operating system; however, there are many additions to the iOS that were already present in the android.


The interface change is one of the drastic changes in the iOS 7 that has changed the entire look of the operating system. It is more vibrant and has a fresh feel than the previous updates with the same home screen and four apps docked at the bottom. The color palette is more clear and vivid with the glossy and bright effects. There is abundance of transparency this time while scrolling the screens in between the apps. In comparison to Android Jelly Bean, control centre is a newly added feature to iPhone iOS 7. Both operating systems are now becoming quite alike than each other as the control panel can be enabled from any app by swiping up from the bottom to make the immediate changes in brightness, wifi connection, Bluetooth and other apps.

The interface of the android based phones are not similar to one another as it depends upon the manufacturer to add skins to give it a new look such as Sense for HTC and touchWiz for Samsung smartphones. Also you can tweak it yourself by rooting (in some cases).

Widgets and notifications

In iOS 7, users cannot add the widgets on the home screen as only apps icons are allowed. On the other hand, widgets and app shortcuts are fully allowed and can be placed anywhere on the home screens in android Jelly Bean 4.3.

iOS7 vs Android 42

For the quick notifications, an Android based phone has the Google Now app, which is a combination of several notification cards appearing at one app for a quick review to get the entire information of the day. For instance: it gives the reminders, flight status, weather updates, road map on which you are travelling, sports updates and much more. Although, the same app is available for the iOS 7 smartphones but the card will not appear on the screen due to loose integration with the OS. iOS 7 has kept the notification area for the purpose of weather reports and other daily based reminders that can be swiped from the top and has easily replaced the Google now feature. The same notification screen is present in android phones with the addition of settings and controls options depending upon the manufacturer.

NFC and AirDrop

The latest feature of iOS 7 is AirDrop that enables the direct connection in between the two iOS 7 devices in order to share pictures or documents. Now, there is no need to share photos through iMessage or email. The transfer is fully encrypted and one can share through AirDrop to anyone, no matter if he or she is in the contact list or not. Albeit, there is no NFC connection feature in the iOS 7. Android based phones has the NFC option that allows to share the photos, files and documents by just touching the NFC enables smartphones. AirDrop is based on wifi or Bluetooth connection and cannot be paired up through direct touching two iOS 7 smartphones.

Only iPhone 5, ipad 5, 4, mini and ipod touch 5th generation devices would be able to use this features and not all users who will receive the iOS 7 upgrade.


In the previous versions of iOS, multitasking was a tricky task that requires pressing of the home button twice or bottom based swiping of four fingers in ipad to reveal the ongoing apps followed by the long pressing of the app present in the list, resulting in the appearance of small “x” to make it close in the background. Now, the iOS 7 has a much similar multitasking screen appearance to that of Android Jelly Bean 4.3 with the appearance of the app thumbnails instead of icons on the home screen to simply swipe and stop it up.

ios 7 vs android 4.3

The Android based smartphones have different options for the multitasking screen. Some have the direct touch button at the bottom while others require a long press of the home button to make the running apps appear.


The iOS 7 has some new additions to the flagship safari browser. One of the greatest features is the addition of the combined address and search bar, which was not present in iOS 6. To make a shift in between the open tabs, one can see the 3D view of tabs for the easy swipe. There is an addition of iCloud Keychain option that allows saving the username and passwords for the automatic log in. In android jelly bean 4.3, addition of the standard browser depends upon the manufacturer and includes android browser and goggle chrome. Both safari and Google chrome has bookmark syncing option, private browsing support and easy swiping in between the tabs.

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