Android, Not Your Ordinary Robot

Some people are misled, thinking that Android devices cost a fortune because of its features. The truth is it is a kiss of technology to the public, with its affordable and reasonable cost plus free downloadable applications that can help users with home management, with their work, and even with having fun.

android, not your ordinary robot

There are reasons why some applications are preferred over another. These top downloaded applications will be looked at to see why it is the favorite of most Android users.

Crush on you

android, not your ordinary robot

It’s not a wonder why one of the most downloaded Android applications is a game. Most people hate waiting and would like to be entertained while they are waiting for something or someone and playing games is one good way to pass the time. People have different preferences when it comes to games. Some prefer role-playing games or RPGs, some prefer word or board games, and some prefer trivia, while some prefer action or adventure games. In the case of the top downloaded game, Candy Crush Saga, what sets it apart from other games is that it is very simple that anyone can play the game, but not too simple that the players will get bored. There are goals set for each of its 100 levels that you will have to reach. What makes it even better is that you can play against your friends when you play online.

Getting Social

android, not your ordinary robot

With Facebook as the most widely used social networking sites, Facebook mobile is one of the most downloaded application by Android users who still like to stay connected even when they are on-the-go. Facebook, for some, is not just a site that they visit when they have nothing to do. For most Facebook users, it is something that has become a part of their life, included in their daily routine. It is not something that they do when they have time. Some people make time for it.


Having a secretary is a dream that most working people have. ES File Explorer allows this dream to come true through providing Android phone system users their own virtual secretary. This application helps you organize your files, documents, and even other applications. It allows you to access different file formats that you have saved on your Android device and computers. Having easy storage, organization, access, and manipulation of files is a clear reason why Android users fell in love with this application.

Guessing Game

android, not your ordinary robot

4 Pics 1 Word is another game that is one of the top downloaded Android applications. This game is a brain buster, wherein you will be shown four different pictures and you will guess what the mystery word is. It is something that the four pictures have in common. This is one difficult game and what makes it more fun is the option to ask help from your friends by posting a notification on social networking sites. This is something that you can play with your friends and as some people may get more stressed draining their brains out, thinking what the mystery word is, there is an instant gratification once you get the correct answer.

No matter what your role in life is, no matter what your preferences are, whether you are a homemaker, a business owner, an overseas worker, a prayerful person, a student, or a hardcore gamer, you will find an Android application worth downloading.

Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts.


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