Archos G9 Tablets Firmware Updated


Archos tablets may not be the best in class in terms of hardware or feature sets. Anyways now they have gives Firmware Update for Archos G9 Tablets. There’s quite the list of changes and fixes, ranging from a “Keep Screen On” option added to the browser options to under-the-hood stuff like fixes to hard drive power suspension issues.

Here’s the full list of tweaks, from ARCHOS:
– Video: improve MPEG2 video playback
– Archos widget: avoid widget stuck on sandglass happening sometimes
– File manager: re-allow to copy a file from Network
– Web browser: add a ‘Keep screen ON’ option in Browser
– Display: fix backlight not on at wakeup from suspend on some A101 happening at low backlight level
– Display: remove some seldom UI freeze during animations
– Battery: avoid shutdown at suspend wakeup happening sometimes
– Hard drive: avoid suspend/resume issues happening sometimes
– Hard drive: prevent loss of hard drive during video playback happening sometimes
The updated software is here

Source:  Archos
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