AT&T Version of Galaxy S5 Active Leaked


The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, which is the more element-resistant version of the Galaxy S5 has been round the corner for quite some time now. And recently leake images of the GS5 active have given us a pretty good idea of what to expect from this upcoming smartphone.


Thanks to @evleaks, we have the first press image of the Galaxy S5 Active. Also we have news that the Active will debut this year on AT&T, the telecommunication giants. This leaves us with a question, will the Galaxy S5 Active available only on AT&T? This comes into our mind as the GS4 Active was only made available through AT&T.

Many people are also wondering what exactly will be the difference between the regular Galaxy S5 and its active version? Just the better waterproofing and durability or Samsung has some other tricks up its sleeve too? We certainly hope it does.


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