AT&T will dump two-year contracts in 2016


After the long speculations AT&T will dumps the 2 year contracts on January 8th 2016. On Wednesday AT&T sent out a document to its employees informing them that customers will only be able to buy new phones by signing up for the AT&T. Customers will only be able to get new phones by paying the full price upfront or in installments over time.

AT&T will dump two-year contracts in 2016
Source- Engadget

There will also new installment plans introduced specifically for Basic and Quick Messaging devices, so even if you want a flip phone, you’ll still have to either pay the full price up front. There is not much information about the wearables like Samsung Gear S2, etc which are on 2-year contracts. In this leaked images There is an indication that corporate accounts might be able to retain their two-year subscriptions, but everyone else is going to have to get used to a contract-less future.

AT&T will dump two-year contracts in 2016
Source- Engadget

Earlier this year reports came which suggests that AT&T and Verizon both began distancing themselves from two-year contracts, but throughout 2015, it has still been possible to extend a contract with both providers. That won’t be the case in 2016 now.

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