“Badland”-The Famous iOS game is on its way to Android


Even if we have the high end Specs on our Android Devices we are always late for getting nice and addictive games over to Android. But Sooner or later we have a day when one is released on Android after its great success on iOS. And so is the “Badland” which will be releasing soon on Android after a long wait.


On Wednesday the two membered Core team unveiled that the game will be releasing soon in the near future for Android Platform. We are still waiting for the Platformer to be on android soon. While for those who don’t know much about Badland. This is a very Simple game as it sounds when explained in simple words i.e it is one-touch platformer that puts you in control of black blobs, where you goal is to simply keep them moving across the stage. This sounds very easy but actually it isn’t. The game is really addictive and responsive to the most with difficulties and obstacles all over the game.

The game has also won a lot of rewards and one of which is “Apple Design Reward” for which it is known the most.

We Don’t have any more information on this topic for now. Just Go through the video which they uploaded on Youtube above.


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