Best Android Apps for Bloggers

Blogging has nowadays evolved as a new profession and paying from anywhere has become a necessity nowadays. Imagine a scenario where you need to post about some urgent news or any urgent announcement on your blog and you are put somewhere and do not have the access to your compute or laptop.  What would you do in that case?  Well don’t worry in this post I would list some apps that you would need if you want to stay connected to your blog and want the leisure of updating your blog from anywhere from your smartphone.


best android apps for bloggers
WordPress is the best blogging platform today with all those customizations available and you could use it in any way you want.  And WordPress has its official app available on the play store. The app gives you various features and many gestures  that you might need to update and maintain your blog and that too with such great ease. One can easily edit the existing posts write the new ones, save new drafts,  moderate comments and reply to comments through any basic Android phone. The app is really light and uses minimal amount of data usage and really process to be worth it.  Every WordPress user must try this app and feel connected to your blog always and even when you are out.

Get WordPress App on Google Play

Google blogger :

best android apps for bloggers
As you might know that blogger is another great blogging platform today. The fee of clay service and cloud storage that Google offers is fantastic for newbies  and the bloggers who are still learning. Though this app does not give you that much functionality that the WordPress app does but still it is pretty good. You could write me post and make sure to reply and moderate comments. However you might not be able to do other things such as  changing the template and many other things. But still the app process to be a good option for using and operating through Android phone.

Get Google blogger App on Google Play

SwiftKey :

best android apps for bloggers
Writing kind and built posts through any phone might prove to be a headache but do not worry a bloggers best friend is here. SwiftKey is a keyboard ago that let’s you type just by sliding your finger across the keyboard.  This plot and concept sound a bit unusual and yes for the start it  is very difficult to write with but once you get used to it the typing really improves and spotted increases day by day. If you wisely one can even type more than a computer’s keyboard using this wonderful app.Also it makes predictions while you are typing and films the letters you might have missed out. Also it learns from your typing behavior. This app is the best friend when you are writing bulky posts through your phone. And you might be surprised that this app is also written using this keyboard. And speaking of personal experience this is the best keyboard app I have come across yet.

Get SwiftKey on Google Play

So these are some apps you would need if you’re looking to keep your blog updated through your Android smartphone. So i hour you liked it.

Umpreet Singh
Umpreet Singh
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