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If you’re a programmer you will understand there are quite a few things every programmer needs even if he is on the Go. There are various tasks a programmer needs to get done. Like if you might want to try a string or a probable workaround of a situation and deciding what would suit the best. So there’s no problem if you’re outside and don’t have a PC everytime, all you need to have is an Android Phone. So in this post I would list some of the Best Apps for Programmers in 2013.

apps for programmers

DeuterIDE – Compiler and IDE :

Deuter is one of the best android apps for programmers, it is a code editor to be used on phones. It has an compiler and IDE built too, which gives very good results on Android. This amazing app would support 40 languages like C, C++, Java , PHP and even advance languages like JavaScript. This app does not only lets your write, read or edit codes , but also you could share those codes on Social Networking sites like Facebook. Also you could completely transfer the look of this app by changing the skins.

android apps for programmers

Download DeuterIDE

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This one, DroidEdit Pro is a very light weight source code editor.It resembles somewhat to the later versions of Notepad. It comes in various color variations, search and replace and auto block indentation and various keyboard shortcuts are also provided which make the programming and writing codes very easy and interactive too. It also utilizes syntax for decorating for multiple programming languages like C, C++, Java and also Python etc.

apps for programmers

Download DroidEdit Pro

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Although there are many and various kinds of Android Apps for Programmers in the app store, but we only included these two in our list, as we think these only are worth to be tried yet. The user experience we recieved from all other apps was not very good and plus these apps are the all-rounders that focus on many languages. And as we say it is always Quality that matters, not the Quantity.

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