Best custom ROMs for OnePlus One (2017)


So, your OnePlus One is too old, and you want to try something new, without changing you beloved phone. Or, your phone battery has deteriorated and you want to optimize it. Or you just want new features or latest Android on phone. What ever might be the case, the Android ecosystem has something for you. That is the beauty of Android. Today, we bring you some refreshing new builds of custom ROMs for OnePlus One.

custom roms for oneplus one

We have tried to feature those ROMs that run the latest version of Android. That is Android 7.0 Nougat. So you get the best of both worlds. And also saw to it that the ROM is stable for daily use. And, without further ado, here are the best custom ROMS for the OnePlus One. There many ROMs for the OnePlus One, but obviously, we are going to pick the ones that appeal to us in terms of features, stability, battery life, and developer support

Here are going to list best and stable ROMs for OnePlus One which will enable you to get better performance.

List of Custom ROMs for OnePlus One

1. Resurrection Remix

esurrection-Remix-ROM-for-OnePlus-OneAs the name suggests, this ROM is a mix of features from AOKP, Lineage, Omni, Paranoid Android and of course Resurrection itself. If you want unending features and limitless customization, look no further. This is the only ROM that can come close to Lineage OS ROM in terms of ROM distribution and download management. The ROM does lack some stability, as you may face some app crashes once in awhile. But it is mostly negligible. The developers of the ROM are always tinkering with the ROM to bring something new. So you will never run out of new features. Not to mention you’ll be getting Android Nougat too.
Below are the key areas where Resurrection Remix allows customization to your heart’s content. Don’t get fooled by the four options below. We are merely scratching the surface. Download

Advanced Quick Settings
Gesture Controls
Interface Customizations
Buttons Customizations

2. Lineage OS 15.1

lienage os for oneplus oneLineage OS is the most popular and most downloaded custom ROM. It is an overall performance ROM which has some neat features. Lineage OS acts as a base for other custom ROMs. Like Resurrection Remix. So, if there is no Lineage OS there will be no Resurrection Remix. That’s how influential this ROM is. Even some manufacturers are preloading their devices with the latest Lineage OS ROM. There are AOSP ROMs but we won’t find features like Security Guard which we find here. You should go for this ROM if you have overall stability in mind. It will provide buttery smooth performance, no app crashes, no random reboots, amazing OTA support.

We have couple of tutorials for you to install Official and Unofficial Lineage OS 15.1 on OnePlus one. Here they are:

How to install official LineageOS 15.1 on OnePlus One
How to install Android 8.1 Oreo on OnePlus One via Unofficial Lineage OS 15.1

3. Slim 7 Nougat

Slim7-ROM-for-OnePlus-One-NougatSlim ROM should be used by people who like the minimalistic design style. And they also want useful features covered. Slim ROM comes with an home-baked Slim launcher, Slim recent menu and navigation keys. It is based on 7.1.1 Nougat. So you will also have features like app shortcuts which are very handy. Download.


AICP-for-baconAICP aka Android Ice Cold Project. This is one of the oldest ROMs in the game. It’s got a bit of everything. Amazingly well-designed interface, awesome customizations, Substratum, inbuilt OTP updates and lots of features. Battery life is also above average. This ROM can easily be your daily driver. The developer posts regular screenshots of upcoming new features. Download.

5.Nitrogen OS

nitrogen osThis ROM is a cross of CyanogenMod, Dirty Unicorns. It runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and is based on AOSP. It also comes pre-rooted. All customizations of the ROM are put in one place called ‘Personalization’. The status bar can be set to show the clock in the center for example from the personalization tab. You can change the battery icon from there as well. The quick settings tiles can be quickly moved. But these features can be found in most ROMs. The Miscellaneous tab holds some unique features. The ROM allows swipe-based navigation as opposed to buttons in the navigation bar. It is called ‘Fling Mode’. The ROM also comes with ‘Apps Operation’. It is just like Cyanogenmod’s Privacy Guard. The RAM management of the ROM is also great. You also get app shortcuts. But battery life is pretty average. Download.

There are many ROMs apart from the ones we have mentioned here. We have selected the ones that have Android Nougat as a base. So you don’t miss on the sweet experience this year. So that’s it for the best custom ROMs for OnePlus One in 2017. For more ‘Best of’ articles, you can check our portal.

Do let us know what are your favorite ROMs and features in the comments below and tell us what is your favorite ROM of all time.

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  1. For the record, all the above ROMs are on the very latest Android 7.1.2 except for AICP (7.1.1).
    If anyone reading this is still on Lollipop or older, flash LOS and boot it first, then do a factory reset and flash one of the other 4 ROMs available. Nice list. Those heading to Resurrection Remix, check the second post in the thread linked above.


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