Android Apps For Avid Comic Readers

For countless geeks all over the world, nothing beats the sheer joy of waking up on a beautiful Wednesday morning and walking down to the local comic book store around the block to check out the week’s newest releases. There’s something so refreshing about reaching the middle of the week and being rewarded with the fresh scent of a newly-opened comic book. Unfortunately, the people who grew up reading about Spider-Man and Superman all lead mild-mannered lives of their own now, going to work every day and having no time to pick up the newest issue of Avengers or Justice League. Here we are listing some android apps for avid comic readers :

android apps for avid comic readers

Fortunately, comics publishers managed to come up with a solution to make the situation a win for everyone: Digital comics. The initiative to simultaneously release digital versions of single issues and trade paperback (TPB) compilations has been met with increasing degrees of success after each year. Are you still afraid of being left behind by the rest of the comics-reading crowd? Well, never fear – these five apps for your Android phone are here to save the day.

Comics by ComiXology

android apps for avid comic readers

The Comics app by ComiXology is one of the most popular comic book readers available (for free!) in the Google Play Store. Think of this app as a sort of PBX for comic books – it hooks you up to the largest digital library of comics that are currently available in the market. The app has 20,000 titles and issues from different publishers available for download (and 600 of them are free). This comic book reader-and-store-in-one also features Guided View Technology, a system that displays the pages of each comic book panel by panel to give users an easier reading experience.

Comic Shopper

android apps for avid comic readers

Comic Shopper is an app specifically tailored to suit the needs of collectors of comic books and pop culture merchandise. The app provides an advanced list of collectibles on sale every week, letting you plan your purchases accordingly, as well as keep track of new stuff that you might be interested in. It’s an effective way to make sure that you’ll be able to complete your collection, even if you don’t have the time to look it up on the Internet.

A Comic Viewer

android apps for avid comic readers

Formerly known as Droid Comic Viewer, A Comic Viewer  is a “comic and manga” viewer, meaning it allows the user to read a document both from left to right (Western reading style) or right to left (manga style). It is also compatible with many different file formats, such as CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR, ACV, JPG, PNG and BMP. Now you can read your Naruto comics on the way to work without anyone silently judging you.

Vintage Comic Droid

android apps for avid comic readers

Sick of modern comic books? Craving for more than the usual fare of glossy spandex-clad superheroics?  Never read any of the old wartime, fairy tale and sports comic books published way before Wolverine even popped his claws for the first time? The Vintage Comic Droid app allows access to over 3,000 public domain comic books, which means you won’t see Batman or Spider-Man here. You can view high-resolution scans of classic titles using an appropriately old-school interface, giving you one more thing to discuss with your old man over coffee.

Comic Strips

android apps for avid comic readers

If you’re a fan of newspaper strips, then the aptly named Comic Strips app is the Android app for you. This app features archives of over 250 classic comic strips, some even a decade old already. It has a relatively simple interface, is updated on a daily basis, and even lets you share the comic strips on your social media accounts.

All we need now is an app that can summon the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier during rush hour, and we’ll be all set.

So you have any suggestion of android apps for avid comic readers than comment below.

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