Top Rated RPG Games For Android

If you’re a serious gamer, your mobile phone from different phone service providers may not be your gaming tool of choice. You may even think that the PC or console is where the action is. On the other hand, if you’re a serious gamer, you’d also want to be able to slay those monsters wherever you are–which is why you’ll be pretty much stoked to see your favorite RPGs/MMPORGS available for download on your smartphone. Here are top rated RPG Games for Android :

Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising

Your favorite MMPORG created by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. comes to Android. The best part is it’s free!  Based on the manhwa (Korean comic) Ragnarok by Lee Myung-jin, the game was first released in 2002 for Windows and spawned an animated series of the same title. Now available on mobile, you can play the popular MMORPG wherever you go.

The immersive anime-style game takes place in the world of Ragnarok, where you’re tasked to slay monsters in the form of three different character classes. You’ll be able to level up solo or with a party, and move on to other jobs depending on your class (Swordsman – Knight, Mage – Wizard, and Acolyte – Priest). If you’re a fan of the original PC-based game, you may find it a bit disappointing to know that the other character classes (archer, merchant, and thief) aren’t in the mobile app version, but you can still enjoy other activities like PvP, guild exploring, weapon forging, pet-raising, and shopping for equipment and potions.

top rated rpg games for android

Download: Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising

Final Fantasy III

top rated rpg games for android

Aficionados of this popular 1990’s classic RPG from Square Enix, Inc. (formerly Squaresoft, Inc.) would undoubtedly have high expectations for this release, especially since it costs $16 to download.  The first title in in the Final Fantasy series to feature special battle commands and the franchise’s trademark creature summons, FFIII became a million-dollar seller.  Its full 3D remake also sold over a million copies worldwide. Now on Android, FFIII still doesn’t disappoint.

The game begins with you as Luneth, an orphan who falls into a hole and finds the Wind Crystal. The Crystal tells you to come back with three other warriors who you will meet in the first quest.  After successfully completing the preliminary quest where you’ll be tasked to save a local kingdom from a Djinn’s curse, you’ll have to go back to the Wind Crystal who will tell you that you’ve become Warriors of Light. From then on, you can change jobs through the menu. Experience and job levels increase as you finish each battle.

Those familiar with the updated 2007 Nintendo release of this game will be happy to note the still excellent graphics and relatively challenging gameplay on the mobile version. If you’re ever stuck in a dungeon or don’t know what to do to switch classes, you can always consult online walkthroughs that populate the net.  But if you were a hardcore player of the original RPG, you wouldn’t need to, right?

Download: Final Fantasy III

Zenonia 5

top rated rpg games for android

Now on its 5th installment, Zenonia shows no sign of losing steam.  The anime-inspired game has impressed critics and gamers alike with its huge explosions and cute but lethal monsters, making it a must-have on your Android.

Zenonia is anchored on the classic war between good and evil.  A wicked tribe rises to power and threatens the peaceful kingdom.  From the darkness, a hero – yep, that’s you – rises up to restore peace.

To get started on action-packed and fast-paced gameplay, choose from four customizable characters – Abel the Berserker, Evan the Mechanic, Neil the Wizard, and Ryan the Paladin. Boss fights can get quite a bit challenging, but the adventure is balanced by cut-scenes of anime–style emotes.  If you don’t care much for the fluff, though, you can skip the cutesy parts without missing out on the story and action. The game is based on the “freemium” business model, which might turn off some gamers. Nevertheless, judging from the reviews Zenonia gets, this doesn’t seem like a problem for the majority of its players.

Download: Zenonia 5

What RPG/MMPORG games do you recommend?  Sound off in the comments.

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