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Android is the right Operating System to the people who are into customizing their smartphones. Though lots of things are possible on Android even without root access, much of the better things are viable only with root access. However, even if you have rooted your phone, you may still need to know about the root status. This is where root checker apps come into play. Thus, in this article, we have enlisted the best root checker apps for Android to help you out. Let’s have a look at the best Root Checkers for Android:

root checker apps

Before getting to the list of best root checker apps, we would like to remind you that these apps merely check the root status. They cannot be used to root your Android smartphone. If you haven’t rooted your device yet, you might want to consider referring our guide on the same. Once you have rooted your phone, now go through our list of best root checker apps for Android to know the root status of your smartphone.

Best Root Checker Apps For Android

Root Checker by joeykrim

The original Root Checker app is the most popular root checker apps of all time. It has been present since the initial days of Android. With over 50 million downloads on the Play Store, it is definitely the first choice to check the root status of your smartphone. A pro version is also available which is devoid of advertisements and comes with some additional features.

Download Root Checker by joeykrim

Root CheckerRoot Checker by Free Android Tools

This one is the second most popular root checker application on the Play Store. Along with root status check, this app also shows other information about the device such as hardware, SafetyNet status, battery, etc (some features are not available on the non-pro version). This one also comes in a pro version which has all the features mentioned before sans advertisements.

Download Root Checker by Free Android Tools

root checkerRoot Check by JRummy Apps

The Root Check is another root checker app for Android from the developer who is also responsible for BuildProp Editor. This app does not come in pro version and the only variant which is available is full of advertisements. Though the app is minimal and clean, the poor ad implementation in it says something else.

Download Root Check by JRummy Apps

Root Checker by KShark Apps

The last in our list of best root checker apps for Android is the one by KShark Apps. This app recently got a pro version which went on sale for 90% off. However, the sale has ended now but the app listing with sale title is still intact.


Download Root Checker by KShark Apps

This is our list of best root checker apps for Android. In case if you have any doubt or query, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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