Bit9: Google Play Store Has 290,000 ‘High Risk’ Apps


android suspicious apps

According to a report from threat protection company, Bit9 there are 290,000 apps in the Google Plat Store which can access user’s personal data. These apps are not any Malware but these can expose User’s personal data and it could become the open door for hackers to exploit in the future. Here are the stats of 412,000 apps which they tested in Play Store:

  • 42% access GPS location data, and these include wallpapers, games and utilities
  • 31% access phone calls or phone numbers
  • 26% access personal data, such as contacts and email
  • 9% use permissions that can cost the user money

Bit9 is currently gathering a reputation-based database of apps in order to develop better mobile security products. It will also extend its research to other platforms such as the Apple App Store and the Amazon Appstore.

Source: Bit9


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