Can this be the new Sense 5.5 or HTC’s China Specific OS?


Apparently pictures of Sense 5.5 has been floating around on Chinese social networking site, Weibo. The user who has posted the image, thinks that it’s the glimpse of  Sense 5.5 from HTC, other speculate that this might be the rumored HTC’s China-Specific Operating System.

htc sense 5.5

As, their is no other reports regarding this, we aren’t sure enough if this is just a concept or is really a mastermind behind either of Sense 5.5 or the China-specific Operating System. To remind, you the China-specific Operating System by HTC is based on Android, so basically it’s more of a skin over  a Android device rather than calling it a different Operating System.

If we consider it as Sense 5.5, then HTC is really going for a major change in UI. As you can see from the above image, in Sense 5 the homescreen was beautifully decorated with BlinkFeed which is absent in Sense 5.5(Incase!). You will observe that the homescreen is flooded with music player widget, email widget, contacts widget and some new icons.

Considering the new updated version Sense 5.5 , is not much of a big makeover change in UI, we can say that the above image may be a glimpse of the new China Specific OS. This China OS is still expected to be based on Android, but a forked version with China-specific improvements and more.

We hope to see some rather more confirming news in the near future!


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