Google To Offer NFC enabled Tokens Next Year


As per the Wall Street Journal Google is working on NFC tags for password less authentication of gmail products or even internet marketing by a silicon based startup YubiKey.  The YubiKey Neo will be the USB device which will be used to accomplish this task by inserting the YubiKey. Neo into the USB port of the computer and just use everything without entering any passwords.

google nfc password

This YubiKey Neo can also be used with NFC enabled smart phones in which we just need to touch the token to the device and no password or typing just go with automatic logins. For now YubiKey tokens are being sold at $50 which runs without any battery and a weight comparable to a feather. But we expect Google to make a better deal and releases it next year with a much cheaper price.

Here’s a technical explanation of how YubiKey works.

Well if everything goes well then the device will  be out next year and will be used to Login in Google Apps including Gmail.

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