Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs LG G2


Samsung recently unveiled their latest flagship in the market, and pre-orders have started on various stores online. but before actually buying you might be sure, that you need to buy it. As in other words, is there any other device better? Well, in this post we will compare the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs the LG G2. To remind you LG G2 is a monster from LG, with those awesome specifications. Let’s find it out.


Body and Display:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a 5.7 inch screen, with SUPER AMOLED Capacitive display while the LG G2 has a True HD+IPS+LCD Display screen across 5.2 inches. Also the pixel density of LG G2 is better than that of Note 3. The LG G2 has a pixel density of about 424 ppi, while the Note 3 only has a pixel density of about 386 ppi. While the resolution of displays on both the screens is the same i.e., 1080X1920 pixels. Coming to the thickness of the two phones, Note 3 is 8.3 mm while the LG G2 is 8.9 mm. But the weight of the Note 3 is 168 grams while that of LG G2 is 143 grams.

Winner: TIE

Camera and Memory :

Talking of the camera, both the phones are having a 13 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED Flash.So the picture quality on both of the phones is almost the same. The Note 3 can record 2160p videos @30 fps, along with 1080p videos @60 fps, while the LG G2 can only record the 1080p videos @30 fps. The Note 3 comes with two options in internal memory, 32/64 GB while the LG G2 comes with two options that are 16/32 GB. The RAM on note 3 is 3GB while that on G2 is only 2 GB. So we have a clear cut winner here.

Winner :  Note 3

CPU and Performance:

The Note 3 comes with two options, either 2.3 GHz Quad Core Krait 400 Processor, or Quad Core 1.9 Cortex A-15 GHz with Quad Core 1.3 Ghz Cortex A-7. On the other hand the [email protected] comes with 2.26 GHz Quad Core Krait 400 processor.Both have the Snapdragon 800 chipset alongside.Also both have the same Adreno 330.

Winner : Note 3

OS And Battery:

The Samsung galaxy Note 3 comes with Android 4.3 version, which is the latest. While the LG G2 comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version. Also the Battery on the Note 3 is 3200 mAh and that on G2 is 3000mAh.

Winner: Note 3

So I hope you might be clear that which is better among the Galaxy Note 3 and LG G2. Which phone would you choose and why?

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