Chrome 64 lays off Autoplay to get rid of unwanted playback audio

Who doesn’t enjoy browsing the web? People browse internet for information, Social Networking, Communication, Entertainment and much more. However, browsing becomes a pain when you come across AutoPlay content at times you don’t expect. It is one of the most frustrating and recurring situations that users experience while browsing Internet. Google is aware of users’ concerns, and therefore, Chrome 64 adds a new feature that blocks auto-playing of videos with audio content with some exceptions.

google chrome

This extremely useful feature that aims to improve your browsing experience arrives in January 2018. Apart from improving the user experience, it also reduces power consumption, and avoids excess data usage. Chrome 64 will not allow auto-play content to bother you, however, a video will play automatically if:

  •  the content is muted, or does not include any audio (video only)
  • user clicked or tapped on the website while browsing,
  • if the site has been added to the Home Screen on a mobile device
  • if the user frequently plays media content (with sound) on a website.

Before Chrome 64 arrives, Chrome 63 is scheduled to bring a new option that allows you to disable audio for individual websites. The audio will remain disable between browsing sessions allowing users to customize when and where audio will play. Google is also working on in-built ad blocker to further refrain annoying and unwanted content.


Mohit Mahendru
Mohit Mahendru
Mohit has a great passion for technology and gadgets. He is tech savvy since his childhood days and loves tech for what it offers to make life easier and help folks being creative and innovative. Apart, he is a big foodie and likes travelling and exploring places.


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