CloudCube To keep All Your Online Files in One Place


Cloud storage has become very essential part of one’s life. What so ever it may be one just goes and upload to the drive and the new integration on the smartphones has added to the move! one can easily upload things from the android itself.

cloud cube storage

 While having different cloud storage accounts can really bother you top your minds level. . as a core android user I also love to upload things from my Android to the cloud directly but the problem I that I need to keep all 4 apps installed all the time to upload things to whatever I want but at the end it all a hassle full environment which only and only gets me panic and hatred towards my phone. So here is the app, CloudCube that has all the main cloud storage companies into one app that will allow you to delete all other cloud storage apps and only install this app to replace all and one can easily switch storage and upload images songs and whatever one needs.

cloud cube search

But CloudCube goes beyond simply providing you with a handy means of accessing all of your online files in one place. Synchronization is also available so you can use the app to automatically backup files from your phone or tablet; this is a great supplement to other automatic backup options such as those offered by Google+. And if you want to be able to keep track of what the app is doing in the background, the Activities section can reveal all the changes made to your files.

cloud cube upload

Everything works as one expects it to. one can create folders shift files copy delete what ever from your beloved smartphone. The awesome App also gets cache of your recent download to add fastness when working on the same file. also the main features also adds to the integrity and functionality of the application !

cloud cube sync

The interfaces for the tablet and phone versions of the app are all but identical, but the extra space afforded by the larger screen of a tablet certainly makes it easier to navigate through files and folders without the need for too much scrolling.

cloud cube drive

At the end the App is really awesome for android users who usually uploads to Cloud and that too on many services ! The apop is really efficient and barely Crashes ! one can easily rely on the application.

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  1. I use ES File Explorer, that keeps me connected to all my Cloud storage and can move, copy and search all of those. It just doesn’t sync (not sure).


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