Automate Your Android With Profile Flow


Profile FlowThere is much about to talk on automation apps on android to make tasks easier by automating things and get every thing set right without even knowing that is was not that way !

Introducing Profile Flow

the main motive of this app is to automate thins that you do most than form others !  like if you Switch Bluetooth on off regularly and that too at a specific time then this app goes for you ! In case of Bluetooth once can easily get it on when getting out of the house for using wireless connections and switch it off when comes back to home . The basic requirement for this is a trigger , and to think that what can act as a trigger for a case, in the case of the Bluetooth one can easily operate this by getting and using GPS efficiently ! So when you get home the Bluetooth is turned off to save battery and make your life easier.

While also this can be used to switch profile to silent when we sleep at night to avoid disturbance from an unwanted SMS or call. So this can be triggered by time and day.

Where It Fails

Perhaps the biggest disappointment with Profile Flow is that it is only available for phones. There is little reason for a tablet version not to exist, but that is the current situation. For people who frequently travel with both a phone and tablet, this will seem like a missed opportunity. Hopefully it will be rectified in the future.


Another feature is that even there is no paid or lite version of the app available on the play store the app is available at free with no doubt but when using a few important features hen the app asks to upgrade at $3 . While this is the feature we unlike the most !

While summery goes like,the app is a must have app and has much more to give in the coming upgrades the tablet versions is rumored to be launched soon on Google Play while one can never try all the features as maximum of them are paid at a price of $ can easily buy as they are worth it ! one may monetise battery or call timings or even his sleep the app does it fabulously Good !while getting back to the point that is is not available on tablet platform it makes that worst part and not a pick for both tablet and Phone user !

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