Crazy Labyrinth 3D – a better game to play on Android

Are you bored of playing Temple Run on your android, then we have a really cool and not so addictive game recently launched on android platform with a boost of download and popularity. Im talking about Crazy Labyrinth 3D which is a very nice &responsive game which is based on traditional motion sensing to guide a ball bearing ta a specific target.

crazy labyrinth 3d - a better game to play on android

Its a really fun game for adults and children but the difficulty level at some levels is tough as compared to games like this.

Pros of Crazy Labyrinth 3D

  • Sharp in-game graphics!
  • Accurate tilt controls and physics!
  • Challenging and fun!
  • 140 levels!
  • Suitable for all ages!

Cons of Crazy Labyrinth 3D

  • Menu system is obscured.
  • Lacks some originality.

Main Features of Crazy Labyrinth 3D :

Crazy Labyrinth 3D is a very addictive maze game. There are 140 different levels to walk through whihc  is very difficult. Crazy Labyrinth 3D is a very responsive game where a very less action makes a big effect in the game.Its hard at managing he tiltation of the phone.

Game Play

The Game play of Crazy Labyrinth 3Dis very nice. Its Colorful display and mind blowing game play is a very nice combo for gamers. Being a very slow game its really good for people with nice patience. Each level adds another bliss to walk through another level after completing one.

crazy labyrinth 3d - a better game to play on android


Graphics of the game are too nice. the attractive display and the 3D effects in the game are pretty awesome. Although there are no ads such 3D effects but at few instances one can say that the game has got some 3D, like when we hard tilt the phone we have a few animated 3D effect but as in its just a 2D game with basic effects. Other than this every thing is well designed and the night dim light effect of the game offers the player another fear of falling into dark depth.

Although this is not a new idea based game as we have its prototypes already available in the market for free but for a newbie this is a very nice game to play ! also it has Magnets, Fans to divert the player and makes it hard to send the ball to the specific target.

Get Crazy Labyrinth 3D on Google Play

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