CyanogenMod 10.1 Compiled With HDR Mode For Cameras


Most Popular Custom ROM, CyanogenMod has now added new HDR functionality its its CM 10.1 build. HDR mode is now compiled with the stock CM camera app, which (to some extent) mimics the HDR camera functionality of the Nexus 4.

CyanogenMod-10.1 hdr mode

High Dynamic Range (HDR) captures greater detail in bright or dark areas of a photo. In HDR mode, Camera disables the flash and white balance options. As every phone have different camera, so CyanogenMod has given us these tips on:

  • Images are extremely sensitive to movement and vibration, you should use a tripod or stand whenever possible
  • Action shots and moving subjects will most likely render poorly on lesser camera hardware, especially those with slow shutters.
  • As we are essentially averaging 3 images to form 1 image, the longer it takes your camera to capture all 3 images, the higher the chance for oddities in the rendered picture.
  • When enabled, we delete the 3 ‘intermediate’ pictures, you will only be left with the final composite.

Its seems to be nice addition to CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM. Anyone tried it ?

Source: Google+


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