CyanogenMod comes up with the Scramble PIN Scheme

CyanogenMod had been innovating ever since, from adding small features to gestures and control in their firmwares. And now they have taken a new step in the field of security. Often we see in the touch phones,  when ever you use the PIN password to unlock, your finger prints are marked on the screen. And one can easily get to know the numbers you’ve pressed.


But CyanogenMod had come with a great idea and great improvisation for the problem. And that is the Scramble PIN layout. As the name suggests, the keys on the layout are scrambled every time, so even if someone traces your fingerprints, one could not make our the numbers you’ve pressed. Isn’t it cool?

But it has one disadvantage too, the unlocking procedure won’t be fast as every time you will have to locate the numbers. But over all it has been made for security purposes, and it deals with it pretty efficiently. As of know the feature is only available for the proprietary version of CyanogenMod, and there is no word whether it will be made available for a users or not. Also to mention you could do this on your smartphone using the XBlast tools, but that feature is also paid there. So all in all did you like the new Scramble PIN layout?  Would you compromise speed over more security?

Umpreet Singh
Umpreet Singh
A young blogger, loves to write about cool optimization tricks and Android geek , to guide you through your apk experience.


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