Dextr Email Client Surfaces For Android


Are you not happy with your native Android Email App or Gmail, then here’s new Dextr Email CLient for Android. By installing it you will get New and Better User Interface and it focuses more on people closer to you. It cut out the clutter of your inbox and focus solely on conversations with the most important people in your life.

dextr email client for android

In other words it filters your email and shows you main or important mails in your inbox and other emails go in different folders. As I said above that you can even integrate your Gmail e-mail account via the application and the app will then present a list of contacts on your device to you.

According to developers Dextr is an Android App which “minimal, beautiful, and personal.”

But app is not that good as you can’t attach and send files from the client, there’s no threading system and even its available after paying $.99. You can receive the attachments sent to you.

Source: Dextr Android App


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