Don’t like Samsung’s Build Material? Here’s Samsung Answer


So do you hate Samsung Using an excessive amount of Plastic in their devices? Do you hate Samsung only because of a great software laden in a cheap form? Are you one of those who are moving away from Samsung due to cheap build material?

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If one of these answers results in YES, Then here’s may be a positive move from Samsung to end all your woes!

According to Korean news site ET news, Samsung is moving out of boundaries and will start of with a new set of premium phones under “F” series. Previously, all of Samsung’s flagship phones were branded under “S” series, which included S3 and S4.

Whatever the matter be, we got to know that Samsung are fully concerned about their concerns and wanted to abolish them at any cost.

If we go by the source, the F series device, most likely to be dubbed as the Galaxy F, will feature a full-metal body and a revamped design. It’s likely to come with an Octa-core Exynos processor, 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilisation. Their is still no news about what will the screen size or display would be. But it is said, that the device will be priced higher than the NOTE series.

Samsung at currently is releasing two flagships a year – a Galaxy S phone and a Note, which is not a good rate. As times are changing quite fast and “OLD IS NOT GOLD” in the technology world. So to cover up, Samsung are trying to push in a new premium device. Smart Move Samsung!

Hence, having a new high-end smartphone device for the second half of the year, should turn out to be a pretty smart thing to do and that’s probably what the Galaxy F will be there for.

Source: GSMArena

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