Samsung on a New High as ChatON hits 100 million users


In the world of rivalry of Instant Messengers, from Whatsapp to WeChat. We have seen many apps being a “HIT OR MISS”. You may haven’t heard of Samsung’s own division of messenger, ChatON.


But interestingly, Samsung has achieved the milestone of 100 million users globally. It was originally launched back in October 2011 and reached 50 million mark in May this year. But if you have a look over the stats, its quite astonishing.

You see, till May 2013 the app hit 50 Million users target. Which took almost a Year and Half. And soon after that, only 4 months gap, the app had hit the pole position of 100 Million users. Which means four these 4 months, the download and user rate almost tripled.

“ChatON has experienced steady growth in India, China, and the United States, and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the Middle East. The service was designed to ensure that users across the globe can communicate in multiple languages – ChatON currently supports 63 languages in major countries of the world,” Samsung noted in a blog post.

Yes, the main factors behind it’s success was: Platform independency and Available of tons of languages. For the former factor, the app is available to iOS, BB, and WP and even comes preloaded in Samsung devices such as iOS, BB, and WP.

For the later factor, Users have tons of languages to choose from. For example the ChatON app offers almost 10 dialects in India. Which is quite astonishing along with awesomeness. And they also had a road plan of extending it to 13 languages by end of this year.

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