Download Realme Community App Latest Version [Old Versions Archived]

Most smartphone manufacturers out there have their own community app. Like others, Realme also has one with the name Realme Community. It is where the brand interacts with its users. The brand also shares exclusive news, and runs contests in the community app. There are many moderators in the community to make it a safe application.

download realme community app latest version [old versions archived]

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Realme always updates its Community app. However, the update doesn’t reach all Realme smartphones. One reason is that Realme pushes the update through its App Store, not using Google Play Store. A few users only use the application because most disable it as soon as they receive the device.

Name Realme Community App
Version v3.0.4
Size 16M
Date September 10, 2022


Note: Please remember that this is an update tracker article and will be revised with the Realme Community app updates. 

Download Realme Community App

  • [June 22, 2023]: The update is rolling out Globally for the Realme Community app with version v3.3.2. The update is compatible with devices operating on Android 5.1 or later based.

Download Version v3.3.2

  • [February 08, 2023]: A new update is rolling out for the Realme Community app with version v3.2.1. The update is compatible with devices operating on Android 5.1 or later based.

Download Version v3.2.1

  • [September 10, 2022]: v3.0.4

Realme Community App is receiving an update with some fixes and optimizations. Interested users can download the latest version from the list below.


· Brand new UI design
· Add real-time ranking of the day’s likes data in the photography section
· Add photography display section
· The personal page adds the display of likes and points data
· The personal page supports quick check-in
· Add draft box function
· Support dynamic avatar display

Download Version v3.0.4

  • [July 11, 2022]: Version v3.0.0

The latest update for the Realme Community app tags along with a plethora of changes, including a new UI design, search bar, top icon, and more. The build is suitable for devices running Android 5 or higher OS versions.


· Brand new UI design.
· Add a search bar on the homepage.
· Improve the layout of the homepage content to make it orderly and concise, highlighting content/pictures and authors.
· Add dynamic effect to the “Give A Like” on the homepage.
· Add gesture interaction, left slide the thread on the homepage to jump to the board where the thread is posted.
· The post button is adjusted to the hover button.
· Following migrated to the “Board”.
· New top icon.
· Add real-time ranking of the day’s likes data in the photography section.
· Add photography display section.
· Add draft box function.

Download Version v3.0.0

  • [May 5, 2022]: Version v2.5.7

Realme Community app is getting a new update which is available for the global users of Android 5.0 or later.

Download Version v2.5.7

  • [October 21, 2021]: Version v2.4.8

Realme has started rolling out a new update for the Realme Community application. It comes with the build number v2.4.8 and is live for global users. The app will be compatible with any device running Android 5 or above. The app has fixed some issues found in the previous version. You can download the app by clicking on the link below.

Download Version v2.4.8

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We will continuously update this tracker when any future updates roll out to the Realme Community App. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page if you’re a user of a Realme smartphone.

Basith Rahman PP
Basith Rahman PP
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