Download Realme Compass App Latest Version [Old Versions Archive]

Realme bundles the Compass app with every smartphone that possesses the sensor. It is a helpful app to know the directions on the smartphone itself. It will become handy once you get lost and want to navigate to the desired location. Realme used to push regular updates to the APK to improve the app’s usability. However, all users of the smartphone aren’t aware of the same. So, we thought of creating a dedicated tracker to track the updates of the Realme Compass app.

download realme compass apk

Download Realme Compass

  • [September 30, 2022]: Realme is rolling out a new version for the Realme Compass app/ The version v13.0.4 is now compatible with Android 13 and after devices.

Download version v13.0.4

  • [August 19, 2022]: Realme has started pushing a new update to the Compass app. It comes with the version number v12.0.120 and is live for global users. The app will be compatible with smartphones running on Android 12 or above. It is a stable update and improves the app’s performance.

Download version v12.0.120

We hope you got the exact version of the Compass app that you were looking for. Stay tuned with us to get the updated APKs of your favourite apps.

Basith Rahman PP
Basith Rahman PP
Basith is a CA student who is also a tech evangelist and an auto lover who works with and talks about latest news in tech and auto industry. Apart from this, Basith is a traveller, foodie and a movie buff.


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