Download Samsung Call App Latest Version [Old Versions Archived]

Samsung Call settings have a variety of call options. Some of the typical options are Blocking numbers, Call alerts and ringtones, Answering and ending calls, Quick decline messages, and Call display while using apps. In addition, there’s an “Important Call” feature where the user will know that a call is important, so they won’t miss it even if they’re busy elsewhere.

samsung call settings

Download Samsung Call App

  • [July 13, 2022]: Samsung is releasing a new update to its call settings with version  v13.1.00.74. The update is rolling out globally for the device operating on Android 9.0 or higher OS versions.

Download v13.1.00.74

  • [July 7, 2022]: A new update is rolling out for the Samsung call app with version v13.3.00.16. The build is available for global users who are operating their device on Android 11 or higher OS version.

Download v13.3.00.16

  • [April 22, 2022]: Samsung Call settings with version v13.1.00.62 is out for download for smartphones running Android 9.0 or higher.

Download v13.1.00.62

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