Download Samsung SmartThings Framework Version v1.5.02.1

Samsung’s SmartThings app helps you to connect and control multiple devices quicker and easier, even from far locations. The SmartThing framework allows users to take control of smart devices from various associated apps, like lights, TVs, speakers, AC, air purifiers, and so on.

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Download Samsung SmartThings Framework

  • [September 26, 2022]: The users who are operating their smartphone on Android 9 or higher OS versions can flash the latest Samsung SmartThings Framework Version v1.5.02.1. The update brings multiple new features like the control products by device type and more. Check out the changelog below for precise details.

★ Now, it’s possible to control not only the device by device type but also by each device.
★ When it’s bedtime set in the Clock app, lights can be dimmed and blinds can be closed.
★ When you fall asleep with Galaxy Watch4, the TV, and lights can be off and the air conditioner can become sleep mode after bedtime set in the Clock app.
★ New device is added to Phone app: Speaker

Download Version v1.5.02.1

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