Download SuperSU zip to root your Android Device [SuperSU APK]

Being an Android user, you might be aware of root. But, if you are not or new to Android, in simpler words ‘root’ gives privileged access to the users. Users can manipulate how the hardware and software works in any smartphone or tablet by gaining root access. However, having root access to every apps installed is a risk. This is where root managers come handy. This guide will let you know the benefits of SuperSu, how to install SuperSU and Download Supersu zip and APK.

download supersu zip root

The most popular and best known root manager is SuperSu which was developed and maintained by a developer named ChainfireXDA till September 2017. SuperSu is updated for every new versions of Android as well as for bug fixes. There are some other root managers like Magisk manager which is also available for download.

Here, in this article we will be providing you steps on how to root any smartphone or tablet using SuperSU including download links for the necessary files.

Features of SuperSu

  • It grants root permission to the apps which requests for it. Users can deny or allow when the request pops up or allow access to every apps by turning on that option.
  • Supersu can also deny the root access if an app is given access.
  • Supersu also comes with Re-authentication option, which when turned on prompts when the app is updated or re installed.
  • It can unroot the device temporarily or completely.
  • Per app notification configuration
  • wake on prompt
  • Convert /System app
  • complete unroot with a click
  • Runs in Ghost Mode
  • OTA survival Mode
  • Per App Logging config
  • Adjsut Auto Deny
  • Time limit for root access for an app

There are plenty of features that are present in teh latest Supersu zip. Developers are making it to compete against the Magisk and other competitors in the market. SuperSu Developers also tend to bring easy yet secured way to root the device.

These days Supersu 2.82 is the latest stable build. You can download both the SuperSu Zip and SuperSu APK from the links below.

How to root any Android smartphone using SuperSu Zip


In Android world, before tinkering with any device make sure to do some following things. There’s always risk involved, so we suggest you guys to backup, unlock and follow proper procedure.

Install Supersu ZIP and APK on Android device

  1. You must have unlocked bootloader on your smartphone or tablet if your device comes locked. (Tutorials can be found in the web, we also provide such tutorials for some popular devices)
  2. Once bootloader is unlocked, install a custom recovery in your device. (TWRP is recommended – If you are device is officially supported by TWRP, then you can find the recoveries)
  3. Download the latest SuperSU from the Download Supersu zip and apk section below, and copy this file to the SD card or internal storage of your device.
  4. Now boot into the installed custom recovery. (For most Android devices, recovery mode can be accessed by pressing and holding power key + volume down key when the device is switched off)
  5. Once the recovery is booted, go to install, locate the downloaded SuperSu file and install it.
  6. After installation, simply reboot the device by selecting reboot system option.

That’s it, your Android device is now rooted.

Steps to Uninstall SuperSU on Android Device:

In order to uninstall Supersu on Android, you need to follow the instructions below.

  • The first step is to open “SuperSU” app.
  • Then open Settings Tab in the app.
  • Now Scroll Down and Select Cleanup option.
  • Now, you will Uninstall SuperSU by hitting Full Unroot option.
  • A prompt will come to confirm.
  • Continue and Reboot your Device.
  • Hurray !! Uninstall SuperSu completed.

So SuperSU uninstallation is accomplished and you can use your device.

Download SuperSU Zip

SuperSU Zip Download 2.82 Flashable Zip  DownloadMirror
SuperSU v2.82 SR5 Beta (Recommended) Download
SuperSU v2.79 Download
SuperSU v2.78 Download
SuperSU v2.76 Download


Download SuperSU APK

SuperSU Download 2.82 apk Download
SuperSU v2.79 APK Download
SuperSU v2.78 APK Download
SuperSU v2.76 APK Download

Latest SuperSu v2.82

That’s it guys for now. Hope, you understood the use of SuperSu and method to root any Android device using it. Happy rooting !!

Note: If anything goes wrong, we are not responsible for it. Do it at your own risk.

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