Get Google Maps Go apk for installation on any Android device

Google Maps GO, the trimmed version of Google Maps hit the Play Store couple of days ago. But, was incompatible with any device other than Android Go in Play Store. Now, the APK of the GO app is available literally allowing its installation on any Android device. Now, Google Maps Go apk is now available for the download on Android device.

google maps go apk

Just like other already existing Google GO apps, the Maps GO is specially crafted and optimized for Android GO devices. Its size roughly touches the 0.1MB, literally conveying the PWA nature

As above mentioned, the GO version of Google Maps is indeed a progressive web app(PWA). But, that doesn’t make the GO edition of Google Maps inferior or least capable than its full-fledged Google Maps. The PWA is able to do almost all functions that we can in normal GMaps. For example, the Maps GO shows our current location, provide directions for cars and other modes of travelling, search for places, and many more.

As you know, Google had slowly but steadily started taking its all of the GO edition of the apps to Google Play Store ever since the Android GO concept was first introduced. Consequently, the GO apps such as File GO, YouTube GO, Google GO and some others already occupied their place in Play Store. Now, the Google Maps GO being the new entrant, it’s an indication that the other GO apps in Google’s lab too will be soon visible on the store.

The Google Maps GO for Android GO devices can be directly downloaded from Google Play Store. However the PWA app or Google Maps Go apk can be downloaded from other third party app store such as Apkmirror to get installed in common Android smartphones.

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