Download the latest Magisk 20.1 with new MagiskHide for Android 9.0+

Magisk is quite a popular name in the Android development community. It’s the powerful root tool available for Android as of now with the ability to bypass SafetyNet. As you might know, the recent changes in the SafetyNet algorithm caused the MagiskHide feature to languish on certain devices. Nonetheless, with the latest Magisk 20.1 it’s being addressed with a new and improved root hide method for Android the latest magisk 20.1 with new magiskhide for android 9.0+

The Magisk 20.1 fixes bugs present on the previous v20.0, and on the top of that comes with some added features. The changelog goes as follow;


As per Topjohnwu, the developer behind the Magisk – starting with Magisk v20.1 paired with Magisk Manager v7.4.0, a new hiding mode is introduced for Android 9.0+. On supported devices, Magisk Manager will download and customize a heavily obfuscated stub APK and use it as a replacement. The stub app will then download the full app into its private internal data, then dynamically load and run the actual full Magisk Manager.

The latest development marks another breakthrough in Magisk History since a while. With the root hide feature, Android 9.0+ rooted devices can bypass SafetyNet allowing the users to access the apps which rely on SafetyNet Check. It goes without saying that, no matter what, MagiskHide is ineffective in bypassing Samsung Knox. So, if you think of accessing Samsung Pay or other Knox enabled apps with Magisk, then back off.

As a bummer, not all Android 9.0+ devices will be able to use the stub apk feature. To use an obfuscated stub as Magisk Manager, the Magisk daemon will have to rely on a special way to communicate with the app. Unfortunately, some OEMs (most likely Chinese manufacturers) block certain broadcasts, breaking the communication channel and in effect hinders the usage of the stub. To make things easier for the users, the latest magick Manager 7.4.0 will verify compatibility before it uses stubs to hide on Android 9.0+.

If not updated yet, you may download the latest Magisk release down below.


Download Magisk v20.1


He is so desperate to try Custom Roms such that tripped Knox of his brand new Galaxy within 24 Hrs of its purchase. Purely "flashaholic" and can torture his device to any extend for deadly customizations.


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