Everything.me Launcher Personalizes Homescreen Based On Interest


Developers DoAt spelled as [email protected] has launched new launcher which can dynamically change or personalize your homescreen based on interests, Mood or location. Its a new, interesting and innovative type of launcher. This new launcher curates apps into categories when you need them.

There are plenty of great launcher on Android from NOVA to ADT but i haven’t seen launcher like Everything.me. It will do things automatically but he only thing you need to tell it is your need/want/like right now. There’s everything present in the launcher from Smart folders to understanding your intent. If you still don’t get it than you need to watch the video above — it will showcase what it is and how to use it?

Let’s take an example — Imagine that you simply typing or saying — football– Everything.me will show you all the apps that are relevant to your search. It will create simply new experience as it can even change your phone’s background to reflect that search. head over to the source link below to download the dynamic launcher.

So guys isn’t it awesome, dynamic and automated? Share your views regarding the launcher via comments below.

Source: Play Store


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