Exclusive First Look Of Amazon 3D Smartphone

Amazon is Coming with Kindle Smartphone and too a 3D one.


A good news for Smartphone lovers. Amazon is coming up with its first own- brand Smartphone having 3D. It is unique phone but having similar looks as like as any other smart phones in the market.

Amazon 3d phone

Amazon 3D Smartphone is designed by spending many years developing a new technology. It is unique in itself as it has 3D screen. It is been said that 3D screen comes from Japanese company called Omron. It is not officially announced that’s why it is covered with protective shell so that nobody can see its real design in above leaked image. But many sources have confirmed reality of images.

Now let we talk about its features. Amazon Duke is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor including 2GB RAM. ‘Duke’ will use Amazon’s Android based Fire OS.

It is been said that the design cues are similar as Apple iPhones, Samsung’s smart phones and Blackberry. It has display of 4.7 inches diagonally making it smaller than others. It is having low pixel density, featuring 720p HD resolution.

amazon 3d phone

This phone includes six cameras overall. One is rear camera having resolution of 13 megapixels. Second one is standard camera front facing for video chat. It also includes four front facing low power infrared cameras to provide software’s 3D effects. Along with it the designers have used many advanced technology in multiple areas. One can see 3D effect of the image in the phone by shifting the position of it.

Amazon 3d phone duke

Source says that probably launch of the phone will be in the month of September. It is also being said that initially Amazon’s 3D Phone will be available in United States. The name of the phone is not announced yet.

What will be it really all about? It will be interesting and cool to know !

Image Courtesy: BGR 

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