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Smartphone applications or apps have become a phenomenal hit for several reasons. One is there are apps that help Smartphone users do a lot of tasks in just a short time. There are also apps that help users do other tasks for them. The best of all, there are many apps that can address the entertainment needs of the users. With the competition getting stiffer and stiffer among Smartphone brands, most of the apps developed are offered for free. Below are some of the free apps for Android and iPhone: 

Google Earth

The app allows you to explore the world using your phone. There are assorted points of interest (POIs) which users can discover. These POIs are marked with links to Wikipedia articles, videos, photos, and so much more. So, if you want to visit other countries you can try the app. It can also give you an idea about the things that interest you.

Download Google Earth Here[divider]


pandora best android play store apps

Aside from discovering the world, you may also want to discover music. Definitely, all of us have our own favorite music artists and genre. However, it gives you a different experience and feeling if you discovered new music that actually interests you. With the Pandora music app would be a great help. You can start discovering music from the types that you prefer. You can tell that to the app and it will do the streaming of tunes on your Smartphone. The best thing about the app is you can still do other stuff on your smartphones or business phone while the music is streaming in the background. So, if you need a break from your own playlists or collection, the app is the best alternative.

Download Pandora Here


kindle for android best android play store apps

You may also want to discover another world through a book reading. But this time, you read them through ebooks. With that, you can try the Kindle app. It has functions such as previewing of books. It also has bookmarking as its function. In this way, you can have a look at books that interest you. With the preview of the first chapter, you can then decide later if you want to purchase the book. So, if you are a bibliophile you must not miss downloading and installing this app in your Smartphone.

Download Kindle Here


shazam best android play store apps

There are times that we keep hearing a song but we don’t know the title and the artist. However, most of the times we become helpless as even our friends don’t know the answers. Today, that is not a problem anymore. There is now an app called Shazam which can help you identify songs. After downloading and installing it on your phone, you just have to open it and then hold the Smartphone up to the speaker of the radio or whatever device is playing the song. In an instant, the title of the song the name of the artist will be displayed on the screen.

Download Shazam Here

MapQuest 4 Mobile

mapquest best android play store apps

There are top-brand navigation apps that cost a lot of money. Though they are very helpful in giving you directions, the price is a little expensive. But why would you worry about the expensive navigation apps when there are those offered for free. With MapQuest 4 Mobile, you surely would not get lost wherever you go. The app delivers spoken detailed directions. It dictates every turn that you should do. It also delivers walking directions and if you miss a turn, it also has automatic rerouting directions. Aside from these, it also has other useful navigation features which you will discover after downloading the app.

Download MapQuest 4 Mobile Here

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