Google File Go- a smart storage app is accidentally leaks Online

An in-house “file manager” named as Google File Go is what google has been working on secretively. Development of this app was not noticed by the users until this leak. The app has accidentally been posted to the Google Play Store long enough for someone to re-upload it to a file-sharing website.

We sneaked around the app by installing it from mirror link. There are a few useful features giving us more information and control over what is taking up precious space on our smartphones.

Aside from the basic i.e, seeing how much space is left on our device. The main “Storage” tab offers a card based interface. These cards work same as other clean-up apps showing us where we might want to clear some data to make more space in the device. The ones we saw were App cache, Large files, Downloaded files, Duplicate files, and Junk media.

Under the “Files tab” is a list of file categories like Downloads, Images, Videos, and Documents. To look at a particular type and to know where they reside in the storage of file tap on a category. Transfer tool is present in Files Tab, which allows us to share large amounts of files easily. If you wanted to send a file or batch of files, you’d hit “Send files” and the app will turn on Bluetooth and the phone’s hotspot for your friend to connect by tapping “Receive” in the same app.

The app is not ready yet. It freezes when pulling down to refresh, and there is no proper file management. Actions like unzipping, or copy/pasting are also missing. The idea of such an app that does all basic file managing in addition to smart suggestions and file transferring would be an excellent addition to Google’s in-house applications.

There is no confirmation so as to this app would be launched or not. Its just a sneak-peek, though there are chances as well.

VIA – (translated) | link to mirrored APK

Pragya Thakur
Pragya Thakur
Pragya Thakur is a student, who is curious about latest technology trends. She is a newbie content writter at GoAndroid.
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