Galaxy Great S to arrive on AT&T and Sprint by November 7

Recently just a few days back T-Mobile made an announcement that the Galaxy Great S battery which has a SIM functionality would be available in their network. They will offer the device with a two year contract, in which you will have to pay birthing at first, but monthly installments of about $14.58 for w2 years.

galaxy s advance

The monthly plan would cost you just $5 and would include unlimited text, data, and calls. And not AT&T and Sprint have also adorned their offers. AT&T would be providing the device for about $199.99, with a two year contract and also a monthly plan for about $10. Similarly Sprint has the offer, you will have to pay nothing at first, but only installments of about  $16 for 24 months.
You can also add the Gear S to a family share plan which would cost you $10. The smartwatch would arrive on both AT&T and Sprint by November 7. Also Verizon would be offering the device and it would begin by November 9. Also if you are not willing to sign a contact you can but the device from Best Buy or other retailers across the country.

Umpreet Singh
Umpreet Singh
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