Galaxy Mega 6.3 vs Ascend Mate: The Battle of Phablets


Ascend launched it’s new phablet the Ascend Mate a few days back. Since the release it is being said that the company launched the set for competing and making a impact in the phablet market, and the it is usually thought of being compared with the Galaxy Mega 6.3. Both the phones are almost same in size, the Ascend Mate is a bit smaller to be specific. But one could really be confused to choose from the two. So here is a short comparison carried out based on the specs of the two phones. have a look.


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Reasons to Consider the Samsung Galaxy Mega over the Ascend Mate:

Here are some the reasons to consider the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 over the Ascend Mate.

  • The Mega has a larger screen. It has 6.3 inch of screen while the Ascend Mate is 6.1 inches only.
  • The phone is comparatively thinner. The Mega 6.3 is 8mm while the Ascend mate is 9.9mm.
  • The front facing camera on the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is better than the that of Ascend Mate. it has 1.9MP of camera, while the Ascend mate features a 1 MP of front facing camera.
  • The Mega 6.3 is running on the latest version of Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, while the Ascend mate runs on the Jelly Bean v4.1  only.

Reasons to Consider the Ascend Mate :

Here are some of the reasons to consider the Ascend mate over the Samsung Galaxy mega 6.3.

  • It might be funny but yes the Ascend Mate is thinner, it is 1g thinner than the Galaxy Mega 6.3
  • The RAM on the Ascend mate id higher than that of Galaxy Mega 6.3. The Ascend mate has 2 GB of RAM while the Mega 6.3 only has 1.5GB of RAM.
  • The pixel density of the display of Ascend Mate is better than that of the Galaxy mega 6.3. It has a pixel density of 241 ppi, while the Galaxy Mega only has a Pixel Density of 233vppi.
  • The processor of the Ascend Mate is lot better than that of the Galaxy Mega 6.3. The Ascend mate features a Quad Core 1.5GHz processor, while the Mega 6.3 features only Dual Core 1.7 GHz . So the Ascend Mate ensures much more high performance as compared to the Mega 6.3.
  • The Battery backup of Ascend Mate is better than that of Mega 6.3 as the Ascend Mate has a  4050 mAh of Battery while the Galaxy mega 6.3 only has a 3200 mAh of battery. But the problem with Ascend is that the battery is not removable.

So this was a short comparison carried out just based on the specs of the two phones. If you find any other point, also do let us know in the comment section below. 

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