iPhone vs Android: Battle of the Real Deal

You may have already come across this kind of dilemma – whether to choose an iPhone or dabble with Android, another platform gaining popularity these days.  Both are now considered aces in the business market as they indeed are of a big help to many, especially those who are always on the go.

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It is no longer surprising to see many people using smartphones in their business endeavors. Not only they are extremely utilized for calls and messaging purposes, smartphones have truly become reliable platforms for office solutions on the go. Editing, scanning, and mere viewing of documents is now a breeze. Participating in unexpected business meetings, whether video conferencing or line conferencing, is also now possible.  With all the endless possibilities that smartphones can offer, the question remains – Would you invest in choosing iPhone or would you perform better with an Android?

Although it is undeniable that both platforms are selling like hotcakes nowadays, their functionalities have also become more and more recognized in the business world. The mere fact that these two platforms are ready to sail in the business world gives them a huge advantage over Microsoft and Blackberry. To help ease this dilemma, a better understanding of these two platforms is recommended,

iphone vs apple

Examining the Hardware

Everyone knows what an iPhone looks like. With its single design, it is easy to recognize. It boasts of sleek design and touchscreen.  The company Apple has the overall control of the processes and manufacturing.  Apart from the great design, iPhones or any Apple products are among the most expensive gadgets available on the market.

Android, on the other hand, can be found in several devices. For example, with Motorola Admiral, you can enjoy the functionality of an Android and the professional look of a Blackberry. A wide range of models and designs are available, all of which feature a full functional QWERTY keyboard.

Another difference worth-noting is the fact that with the iPhone, the battery is unchangeable, so having it fixed simply means going to the service center. With Android phones, a problem with battery only requires a quick fix.

Examining the Prices

As mentioned earlier, the prices of Apple products usually skyrocket but still remain among the most successful on the market. On the contrary, Android devices represent different price ranges. You can easily find a model that suits your budgets and design preference. The flexibility that Android phone offers is definitely an advantage to those who are only after the office solutions. Automatically, it would only make sense that one would a functional yet inexpensive Android phone over a pricey iPhone.

iphone vs apple

Examining the Apps

When it cothe iPhone apps, iPhone has the advantage as it offers a lot more apps as compared to the Android platform. However, these two platforms also share a common ground. Both platforms are capable of housing business apps.

Examining the Security Features

Blackberry can still be considered as the Smartphone with the best security features today. Nowadays, both iPhone and Android have started to gain ground as both are now well-integrated with Microsoft Exchange as well. Android falls behind the iPhone in terms of security as there are malware- infected apps that can be accidentally downloaded.

Now, choosing the right Smartphone depends on your needs and budgets. However, based on the discussed advantages, Android makes a better choice as it is highly accessible and can be equipped with different plans.

Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts.
  1. I’ll have to disagree on a more factual level at least on one topic discussed. Apple no longer has the most amount of Apps available. Android has surpassed Apple with over 1 million Apps available in the Google Play store.


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