Galaxy S III Shortage May Led To 2 Million Units Sales Loss


Samsung’s Galaxy S III is facing shortages over the world due to its great demand. Company has also shared that they didn’t expected these much sales. Here are the words from samsung: [quote]It is simply that demand far exceeded our expectation. But that doesn’t mean we had set a very conservative demand forecast.[/quote] But now Samsung could face loss of 2 Million units sales due to this shortage.

The handset is forecast to hit 10 million sales in two months – with demand fuelled by lack of a credible rival from Apple. Gartner analyst, Milanesi said that [quote]the potential loss of sales from the shortage problem that’s been marring the launch of the phone in several countries may amount to 2 million units since the phone was launched at the end of May.[/quote]

Now according to Barclays prediction 15 Million Galaxy S III’s will be shipped in the third quarter. Samsung need to boost their production as to gain more and more. Hey guys do you own a galaxy S III Now?


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